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These legal duties stanch from building codes, decrees, rulings, and, most often, decisions of the court. The liability of the tenant is somewhat the same as that of debt. Most often than not landlords charge tenant liability for any harm to the property, which means that the charge of fixing something that they believe has been damaged by the tenant. The insurance papers of the house are usually kept by the landlords, but tenants also need Tenant Insurance. Tenant Insurance permits the tenant to restore their possessions including furnishings, garments, pieces of equipment etc if it is damaged, stolen or completely destroyed.

It further envelops damages that happen to other people or their belongings for the time period that they spend at the tenants and then tenants are held responsible for it. Moreover, it takes into consideration the extra living everyday expenditure if the tenants are required to go away from their rental place due to an insured loss. It also offers exposure for their individual accountability if they unintentionally cause harm to an adjacent unit. Tenant insurance also guarantees insurance for the personal property of the tenants for the time that they are provisionally away from their apartment. The Greens should opt for a Variable Life Insurance policy as, “It pays a death benefit to the beneficiary you name and offers you low-risk, tax-free cash accumulation. It allows the death benefit to vary in relation to the fund returns of the cash value account. It allows you to borrow from the policy during your lifetime” (Variable Life Insurance, 2007). Another option of insurance policy that can be recommended to them is the Universal Variable Life as, “It pays a death benefit to the beneficiary you name and offers you low risk tax deferred cash value options. It offers separate accounts for you to invest in such as money market, stock, and bond funds. It offers premium flexibility.

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