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The UK’s economy is not only dependent on its trade activities with rest of the world but large portion of the economy still depends on Tourism and it is quite true that the tourism industry contributes heavily to the wellbeing and stability of the economy. Every year thousands of tourists travel to the UK due to which the country is able to generate large sum of money to invest back into various sectors. Since it has been known all over the world that terrorism threats are given to the western countries like US, UK and European countries, hence for the safer side, the government of such countries have taken certain preventive measures in form of drafting policies and implementing them.

The policies are mainly aimed towards limiting the number of people entering in to the UK and keeping a strong check on the tourists visiting the country. Due to such policies, the number of people applying for tourist visa and number of people actually getting the tourist visa has reduced due to which the country is not able to generate sufficient revenue from tourism as it used to generate in the past. Less people have now started applying for tourist visa and this has a direct effect on the airline industry of the UK. As part of policy that the tourist coming to the UK will be travelling in British based airline, this has now led to airlines not being able to cater much of the tourist coming to the UK for tourism hence airlines get on to back foot due to this move from the British government (Recession Prompts, cheap flight, 2009).

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