Sample Essay

eBay has made it possible to enhance ecommerce activity and increase the number of transaction that are conducted on the internet. In the wake of the eBay company ecommerce along with online trading has flourished. Small businesses as well as large corporations find it much easier to build their business and reach their customers through eBay.

The reverses however that have been made due to eBay have included the increase in organized crime online with identity theft and credit card fraud. Online transactions have always been prone to identity theft as the medium is relatively insecure. However the vats volume of transactions and the initial low level of security online along with the developed resources available to criminals have increased the number of identity thefts online as a result of increase online transactions.

The retrieval that has been made possible by the eBay company has been the retrieval of the concept of auctioning. Previously auctions were thought of a patient old man’s source of business where one had the time to attend an auction and place bids. With eBay every one above the age of 187 is able to transact online and place bids on the portal. The concept of auction has been re-launched as an e-auction through eBay.

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