The other four rooms can be entered into subsequently by passing through the permeable walls of the room in which the viewer is located. Textual and alphabetic forms are again made use of in the virtual museum so that each room has its own specific virtual ‘exhibits’. ‘The exhibits in the first three rooms are referential to existing genres – painting, sculpture and cinema. The exhibit in the fourth room describes the particularity of a wholly computer generated environment – three randomly moving signs (‘A’, ‘2’, ‘Z’) are primary-colored light sources that disclose and irradiate the room’ (Jeffrey-Shaw) .

As with other works of Shaw, a unification of the physical and the virtual worlds is presented in Shaw’s virtual museum, where the viewer effectively moves his seated body through a virtually created space. The physical movements are reflective on the image and thus allow the fusion of the real world with that of the virtual. The images in this installation are real-time and thus enhance the effect and quality of the experience.

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