Sample Essay

The Advanced Thinker: at this stage the student has developed good habits like active thinking, now they can have a good and deeper concept of critical thinking, gaining depth in understanding the problems analyzing, and solving them, this stage the student learns to govern his inner feelings ‘the ego’, and also cares for the feelings of the society, he has gained control on his desires due to reasoning, his deep values create a balance between his feelings and thoughts. Advanced thinkers are skilled in thinking in terms of evaluation of thoughts and application of knowledge to control egocentric thinking.

At this level he can form new fundamental habits with intellectual understanding and power of intuition; he can recognize and accept contradictions and is actually equipped with the knowledge to put oneself in another’s place and can control the negative and positively strong thoughts which are required to evaluate views. Stage(6), The Master Mind: This is the stage where the student has learned to master his mind the basic skills of thinking are deeply set in his mind and constantly tries to develop new understanding at deeper levels to solve problems, he can understand the desires, emotions, behavior and thinking of human beings. Master thinkers are excellent at criticism and people call them to think through complicated issues depending on their intellectuality, his mind is a great blend of basic values to desires, emotions, and behavior.

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