Sample Essay

The basis for the performance appraisal was the root of the problems and appraisals were getting poorer day by day. The solution is that the management needs to revise their performance appraisal methods consider the problems and come up with appropriate solutions. The appraisal method can be susceptible to several problems and they are Unclear Standards since the basis of the appraisal was inefficient in this case then it just shows that the standards have been unclear and the solution is to include descriptive phrases to judge performance and also to improve the system on which the appraisal is based.

Halo effect which includes biases since if a person made one mistake and the manager might get a bad impression and then deduct out of it that the person is a bad performer. The solution is to make sure managers consider all aspects. Strictness/leniency is when the supervisor is either very lenient or very strict and has the tendency to assume stuff. In this case the national manager believed the employees’ attitude was not right and that they were being luddites and not accepting the new technology. The solution lay in training and development of the employees. The employees were new to the technology and should have been trained to make sure they were comfortable with the new technology.

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