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The first question is to outline a HR strategy that might have helped to avoid the negative consequences of the introduction of the new computer system and database. The Human Resource strategy implemented in DrugDiv was ineffective and highly unsuccessful. The company could have had a different strategy to avoid the negative consequences of the introduction of computers and database.

Under this administration all employees had been taken for granted and ignored as a result. Dissatisfaction and grievances can lead to crucial problems for the company. The new system had been disorganized and lacked effective integration of processes due to which the employees had supposedly been alienated. Communication problems are the source to bad performance levels since it was because of the inefficient system that the targets had not been met and sales declined as a result. Communication is essential to the success of any business and in this company communication had been bad and ineffective. The mismanagement of the system and corresponding activities had been a major problem which led to bad performance levels of the employees as well as the organization on the whole (Armstrong, J. S. & Brodie, R. J; 1994)

The management could have implemented a different human resource strategy that might have avoided the consequences of Multico’s DrugDiv’s introduction of its new computer system and database. They could have planned effectively and included the opinions of the sales representatives to avoid problems and by considering all aspects they could have included a training program and a computer expert to avoid further inefficiencies caused by the system. The management failed to do their homework well and ignored the essential aspects involved in the implementation of a new system.

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