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The Argument of Illusion is defined as the term with A.D. Smith as “any perceptual situation in which a physical object is actually perceived, but in which that object perceptually appears other than it really is”. It very well explained though valid examples as in a white wall may look yellow in yellow light or perhaps a sweet drink can taste sour if someone just had something sweeter and simply if someone is close to you the quite sound may seem to be a bit louder if they are close to you. It is all natural and things may deceive by being what they are other than what they seem to be so in this case illusion is a case in which it needs no deception and we can experience it once it is happening and is called as an illusion. Similarly, many things are called as “the argument of illusion”, but as studied it involves many other steps which are as following:-

• When someone is subjected to an illusion then obviously one is aware of having a quality in someone which means the real object is being perceived or probably does not actually have.

• In order to implement the desired quality standards it is important to be aware of these standards in order to implement and use them accordingly.

• There is no need to assume that perception particularly or not directs towards normal objects.

• Therefore our normal view about what perceiving is sometimes called “direct realism”-is for instance false. So perception cannot be what we really think it is.

The argument which is presented is not the one which we can actually relate to it. Many philosophers are aware of this theory of perceptual experience. We will further discuss the theories which are proposed and studied in context to explain this theory of argument as the intended conclusion of the argument is reached by assuming the following:-

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