Sample Essay

The Beginning Thinker: at this stage the thinkers become aware of their basic problem in thinking and are ready to take command of their thinking by improving it, the beginning thinkers are realizing that the standards of thinking must be applied to their own thinking, to understand the role of ego in human nature they begin to monitor their own thoughts, though lacking in solutions to problems they are becoming aware of more problems in their thinking and trying to solve them. Stage(4),

The Practicing Thinker: thinkers at this stage become aware of habit formation which is the result of compulsive practice to improve their knowledge of thinking and reasoning with clarity, now they are ready to critique their own thinking power and monitor their thinking skills, at this stage they begin to improve theirĀ  intellectual thinking in a systematic way, thinkers begin to see connection between all the subjects they are learning and applying questions and reasons in doing this they are thinking well and it is essential for a beginning thinker to understand that confusion and problems are the result of learning ,students should regularly practice to form habits.

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