Sample Essay

The differentiations between characters can frequently be revealed by the author by means of dialogue. David Williamson in his well known book namely The Club uses dialogue in a rather very efficient manner to show the diverse individualities and needs of the characters. Even in regular life one gets around to believe the fact that dialogue is something that is commonly used to portray different characters and also to stress on certain points of view. In the book, The Club, David Williamson uses colloquialism, jargon, truism, story, idiomatic language, spoof, mockery and sarcasm in order to illustrate the unusual personalities and desires of the characters Ted, Jock, Gerry, Laurie, Danny and Geoff.

According to sources, “Ted’s repetitiveness is used to show that he feels anxious and insecure about approaching and handling situations. “It’s much better to stay cool. Don’t you think so? Better to stay cool??” is a perfect example of how Williamson uses this repetitiveness. The dialogue also shows his autocratic manner when he says “To hell with the players and supporters. The committee’s where the power is”. Williamson uses this dialogue to show Ted’s personality compared to the other characters” (The Club, 2005). On the other hand, one can figure out the fact that Jock is a somewhat loquacious, condemnatory, unconfident, self-centered and narrow-minded character. The way he goes around insulting all the others which can be seen by his dialogues show that this is true. Disgust is also prevalent when Jock says, “I want to turn all those photographs around so they don’t have to look down on this shameful scene.” (Williamson, p.42). This proves that point of views can be expressed by means of good dialogues. Another case in point is that of Ted’s ego getting hurt by a certain incident. He says, “Nobody treats me like that, Laurie, least of all a little trollop like that” (Williamson, p.58).

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