Sample Essay

The consequences of getting drunk regularly are far worst for those who are married. First of all, one needs money for drinking, and until and unless one is extremely rich, the money is basically going to waste and would mean less cash for everything else that is required by a family for their day to day expenses. What is more is that one who drinks gives less time to his family and children. This in turn leads to children having feelings of rejection. Hang-overs are something that can seriously damage the relationship that a person shares with everyone. Parents who are binge drinker do not give enough time to their children and they feel inferior to the children who have their parents with them all the time. What is more is that being a parent or a husband brings about responsibility which one can just not put up with while not being in your senses. The most important aspect is that drinking more brings about death much sooner, which brings about negative consequences for the entire family.
In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that education plays an important role in the current society. But, students studying in colleges usually get into the habit of binge drinking, which in turn leads to negative impact over their GPA. But what is more is that it is not just the GPA that is being affected by the habit of binge drinking,, but also the career and profession of the students along with the life that they live at campus and after college. Considering these negative impacts, one should stay away from binge drinking under all circumstances.

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