Sample Essay

The costume of the belly dancer is never removed all the way through the performance, and it is considered to be very much a component of the dance practice. In the general populace a belly dancer is pompous of her costume, and it is essential to wear the most intricate and graceful dress to express superiority and professionalism. But in the previous times, these dresses were not worn and the dance was performed by women in regular clothes with only a scarf or a belt tied so as to make the movement’s prominent (Belly Dance Costumes, 1998).

This dance relate to the Middle East is a manifestation of the person who performs it, and it can be distorted which basically in turn finishes off the worth for the performer as well as for the creativity that is been put in to the dance routine. Belly Dance is a dance of the inheritance of Middle Eastern culture that goes beyond an extensive variety of nations shimmering a widespread art with dissimilar distinctions and styles. In view of the fact that this is a dance of a different culture, it is generally not understood very well by people of other cultures. It is imperative to comprehend the background, religions, principles, and the Arabic set of mind of the people. What is also needed is that you have a bit of understanding of the language as it can help you appropriately understand the feelings, sentiments and meanings of the songs (What is Belly Dance, 2000).

Belly dancing is not something that is restricted to only being performed by women. There are hundreds and thousands of men as well who perform this dance, even though it is believed that this art is not to be performed by men as it is completely womanly in nature but this has been denied by the many male dancers.

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