Sample Essay

Critical thinking means the evaluation by reasoning, it helps in any kind of inquiry it is the main tool of inquiry, it is the evaluation of concepts by ‘how’ and ‘why’ through experience and intellectual knowledge which is based on explanations, evidences and the ability to use logic in reasoning to solve problems or analyze situations. Critical thinking is very important in the modern world as it helps to avoid unwise ideas and decisions made by reasoned judgments, the reasoning reflects on the results obtained and critical thinking helps in finding the best solutions. This article ‘Critical Thinking Development: A Stage theory’ basically has chalked out certain stages of intellectual development, it is a theory that helps the mind to develop on the levels of intellect, this theory deals with the six stages of development of mind which are evident more in the classroom, these stages are, there are six stages through which the human mind is assessed. Critical thinking depends on the general nature and quality of life; it is human nature to be inquisitive, it also depends on our thoughts it is the way of thinking with reasons to solve problems by quality thinking and acceptable norms of the standards of society.
This theory presents the following assumptions, (1) that there are predictable stages through which every person who develops as a critical thinker passes, I do not fully agree to this assumption as the stages may pass but it is not necessary that it will create a critical thinker, as people differ greatly in the quality of concept, understanding, reasoning, intellect, and logic. (2) that  passage from one stage to the next is dependent upon a necessary level of commitment on the part of an individual to develop as a critical thinker, is not automatic, and is unlikely to take place  ‘subconsciously’, I agree with this as one cannot become critical thinker automatically, it needs assessments, ideas, standards, reasoning, communication , and a strong mind to use all these productively.

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