Sample Essay

The Day of the Locust, which as said has been printed at some stage in the middle to late 1930’s by Nathanael West, is positioned in Hollywood and the neighboring neighborhood of Los Angeles at some point in the 1930’s. This is way that has been taken up by West to convey his way of thinking by means of his characters. Set in America this is not sufficient to make it immense. The feelings that are very astringent are not devoid of merit for the reason that what he, similar to just about all Americans had to go through subsequent to World War I and enduring into the immense hopelessness. The additional class which is formed by people who did not have any future for themselves represents the prospect of individuals that approach Hollywood, ordained for not anything but a possibility to pass away. It is obliged to in addition give us a background that would explain the story on its own. The resemblance of this personality to the author of the book is no blunder; in actual fact it gives us an individual catch related to the in which this manuscript was printed.
All novels and works of art must pass a test of time. Every piece of work that lasts, through good and bad phases, style and development and alteration, establishes itself praiseworthy. This holds true for this novel written by Nathanael West. The most basic surrounding that is presented in the book is L.A, Hollywood.
West puts forward to us a most multi-colored collection of, what some might believe to be freaks. But this definitely is a bit of a rather harsh comment. This Hollywood related novel written by Nathanael West comes to pass more often than not at the boundaries of the motion picture sovereignty, the cosmos of set artists and extras, aggravated first-timers, sycophants and peculiarities. Presented in the book are actresses who are part-time prostitutes, relocated Eskimos, an unsuccessful stand-up comedian who puts up for sale silver polish from one door to the other so that he can compel unfortunate clientele to look at his performance. Not even a single character in this entire book has had the ability to locate the promise that was supposed to be offered by California. This is at times still true for people who come over to Hollywood dreaming big bucks but are failed. By the conclusion of the book, their annoyance and bitterness accumulate into an insurrection in the avenues that is the totting up of their personal dissatisfaction. “They realize that they’ve been tricked and burn with resentment…. The sun is a joke. Oranges can’t titillate their jaded palates. Nothing can ever be violent enough to make taut their slack minds and bodies.” (West, 1939).

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