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The destruction of Berlin wall was one of the most colorful jubilant spectacular sights ever. It was viewed across the globe on television screens and was filled with immense fun and frolic. It was one emotional moment for many who stood there watching the spectacle as the double lines of steel fences were pierced; barbed wires removed, and concrete wall broken down along what was a magnum 188 miles of border between the Western and Eastern Germany. The inner-German border is far reaching. It touches the edge of Bavaria situated in the South and to the British zone towards the north. The area is pretty undeveloped and home to rural settings, small farming villages with steep narrow roads.
The first formal announcement allowing free movement across the border came on the evening of November 9 when the government East Germany decreed that the citizens from the Eastern side of Germany could freely travel to West Germany using a “special visa”. Instantly people queued up across the border and wanted to be let through. Initially they were met with some resentment from border forces patrolling the Eastern Border but eventually gave in as more people crowded in and demanded that barriers be opened. A mega party followed through on the streets of Berlin.  People collected on the streets in an effort to welcome East German. In a symbolic move, some men climbed over the walls with chisel and hammers and tried to tear it down.  In the first two days following the opening of the border, some 2 million people fled through to West Germany from East.

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