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The construction and destruction of the Berlin Wall has stood out as a landmark in the history of Germany. It is one of those milestones that could never be forgotten. The Berlin Crisis was no vague issue. At its center laid one of the bitterest controversies of all time so much so that many world leaders feared that it could tick of a nuclear war in the region. The crisis was resolved through a wave diplomatic negotiations, forums, and superpower summits, military posturing, hence the label “Cold War” where in the East and the West fought over Berlin and its future. (Joan)
Former U.S Presidents, Eisenhower and Kennedy had the U.S credibility as their agenda. For them a failure at Berlin would imply disruption in the NATO supplies and fragile American influence in the region in particular West Germany; America’s key to ensure a balance of power in the region. Thus the Berlin Wall as many say was the “flash point” of the entire crisis.  (Harrison)
The Political Background:
Berlin was the foundation of power in Europe after World War II. Soviet Union which had isolated itself after the war continued to be active across the borders. Several events across the world, related or unrelated constituted to be the main casualties of the Cold War. There were a lot of battle grounds that were kept in secret and away from public eye for decades while some other epicenters like the Berlin Crisis were under considerable public scrutiny. The whole crisis began when Soviet ordered that Nikita Khrushchev the main route to Berlin Airlift of the West be blocked. Tensions continued to rise and mount for some forty years after Germany lost in the Second World War

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