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     “The Dog of Pompeii” tells the story of Tito and his dog and what happens to them when the volcano erupts. In the story, Caroline is visitingItalyfrom theUnited States, but her holiday does not start off well. She has to assist her archaeologist uncle in Pompeii, and the emaciated dog she was feeding knocks over a young guy riding a Vespa who eventually turns out to be one of her uncle’s helpers, Gianni. Right when she thought things would get to be normal, the big money guys funding her uncle’s dig turn up, so as to turnPompeiiinto a hotel and casino. In the beginning, the stage is set for a girl, a boy and a dog to inadvertently discover the lethal plans of Signor Macchiato and his henchman, travel along the sun-drenched Amalfi coast in a heart-stopping motorbike chase and then move on to work out how to save the Villa Deidamia, Caroline’s uncle, all the dogs and Pompeii from destruction. (Dogs of Pompeii, p.1.)

     How a Cat Played Robinson Crusoe has been written by Charles G.D. Roberts and is about a deserter cat. The story is extremely enjoyable and fun to read and one may start feeling sorry for the poor desolated cat. This cat is very resourceful and cunning and learns the hard way how important a family is. This story has a very happy ending that leaves you with a pleasant feeling. The cat is left alone on an island just like Robinson Crusoe in his story and here is how he learns exactly how important a family is for the cat itself.

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