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As far as the industry market share is concerned there are certain players of the industry that are quite famous. Toyota, Ford, General Motors are considered as the major players of this industry. Toyota Corporation is responsible for about 9.4% of the automobiles and the components. However, the entire industry is comprised of cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles. However, the manufacturer of automobile industry is usually comprised of light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. There are two prices that actually prevail in the market and these two prices are RSP that is retail selling price which is associated with the passenger car segment and MSP that is manufacturers selling price which is associated with light trucks. The motorcycles market is marketed extensively and it is also valued at MSP and it also includes scooters and mopeds. In the similar manner the parts industry is also growing because the entire automobile industry is experiencing growth. The growth of this industry is phenomenal and it is usually accelerated over the period of 2004-2007 (Datamonitor 2008). However, the economic downturn in 2008 severely affected the industry and different organizations were affected by it. Major organizations were jolted by this economic disaster and it actually resulted in firing of the employees and closing different joint ventures. That is the reason why the revenues in the year 2008 felt down and the annual growth rate was actually tarnished because of this. The economic growth badly jolted the entire economic cycle of different countries and besides developed countries certain underdeveloped countries were also severely affected by this.
There are different players in the market and their market share keep on changing. It can be said there are few players in the market that are actually ruling this automobile industry. Toyota Motor Corporation is considered as the leader of the market and its market share is 9.40%. In the similar manner there are certain other players that are posses a major chunk of the market. Other prominent players in the market are Daimler Ag and its market share is 6%, General Motors its market share is 6.60%, etc (Datamonitor 2008).

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