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The Genesis and Bible are monotheistic and Babylonian version is polytheistic   this is an important difference. Nahum Sarna explains in his book ‘Understanding Genesis’ explains that he has written this book so that new generations can understand the Bible its history and the truth, he writes in this book saying he rejects scientific interpretations to the Genesis as it is far from the original Biblical truth and the purpose of Genesis is, not to present a scientific picture, (Understanding Genesis,1966, pg.3).
The main difference between the Bible and its Ancient Near Eastern Parallels, according to stories is that Bible says man was made from clay and is dominant on all living creatures. The Babylonian say that man was made from the blood of gods so man can serve gods and do their work. The Sumerian version says man springs out of the earth and is made  of clay, the Mesopotamians believe that human was conceived by a divine father according to                                                      Bible and Genesis, it says God created only one human pair and all human beings are  descended from the pair, there is a difference in the ancient parallels as to the work of man,  they believe man was created to do gods work so they can rest whereas Bible relates  differently, it says man was created to dominate all living beings

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