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He is very strict and does not allow anyone to have their own personal opinions, especially if they are against him. He is very powerful and creates a dictatorship in Russia. The main idea of the story is about history and communism. During the 1930’s there was a movement known as the Great Purge, where Stalin put fear into every soviet that lived in Russia; people were brainwashed, then tortured and were forced to confess to a crime even if they did not commit one. This movement takes place at the same time as the story which gives us the main theme of the story, the ideology of Communism.

The story talks about how, in the communist beliefs, the common people should not get higher education than the upper governing classes and therefore upper class citizens would be more educated. The Communist Party had an oceanic sense, they did not have any feelings of the inhumane things they were doing against innocent people. The prison as a whole represents the ideology of communism and the cruel wrongdoings of these ideas. Darkness at Noon shows how the Communist Party operated without caring about any one person’s individual needs”


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Darkness at Noon is a novel written by Arthur Koestler which portrays the injustice that was carried out by the Communist party in Russia.

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