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In a poll conducted by USA Today/CNN it was discovered that 70 percent of the pollees exercised little or no interest in the CEOs of their companies and would not be surprised if they discover them involved in illegal activities while subduing the rights of the stake holders.( cited in Hernez-Broome, Steed and Lundberg, 2004).  The general public is of the view that their leaders will easily fall prey to the temptations of personal greed. Stake holder rights with respect to integrity and morality would stand meaningless for them. Similarly the urge to move up the corporate leader for monetary and other rewards may cause one to compromise his character and integrity for more material gains. Some stereotype notions such as the belief that a person is determined by what he was during his youth so why bother changing? Have severely tarnished trust and confidence in the institution of leadership – an issue which needs to be addressed the earlier the better (Goleman, 2002)
One major solution for this problem could a more pro-active approach by high level schools in this regard. More courses should be dedicated to explain the students the importance of abiding by business ethics, values and integrity. Within the premises of an organization and its business infrastructure it is mandatory to establish a guideline governing its ethics be, if integrity has to be inculcated. Also it must be ensured that the top league abides by the guideline for commitment finds its way from the top brass only. (Alexander, 2003)

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