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After her hair has been cut off by the Baron, Belinda creates a scene and is very furious because she considers that no one would consider her pretty just because a single lock of her hair has been cut off. Also, the way by which Belinda dresses up in the morning tells us of the frivolous ideas to which she had to conform. When she looks at herself in the mirror, seemingly in awe of all the cosmetics etc, the reflection that is present in the mirror can be considered of the way the society wants Belinda to present herself. The author also tells us of the unwanted oppression face by women through Belinda when she gets furious about her hair and curses being a part of the society in which she lives by saying,

For ever curs’d be this detested Day, Which snatch’d my best, my fav’rite Curl away! Happy! ah ten times happy, had I been,

If Hampton-Court these Eyes had never seen! Oh had I rather un-admir’d remain’d, In some lone Isle, or distant Northern Land;

What mov’d my Mind with youthful Lords to rome?O had I stay’d, and said my Pray’rs at home!” (Pope, part 4).

Protagonist of The Importance of Being Earnest and Social Pressures

The protagonist of The Importance of Being Earnest is Jack Worthing or Ernest Worthing. This character also faces certain social pressures of the Victorian society. When Jack proposes Algy’s aunt’s daughter, Gwendolen, Lady Bracknell questions him a lot. What comes first is Gwendolen’s demand of wanting to marry someone with the name of Ernest as she considers the name “divine” and says,

Jack?… No, there is very little music in the name Jack, if any at all, indeed. It does not thrill. It produces absolutely no vibrations… I have known several Jacks, and they all, without exception, were more than usually plain. The only really safe name is Ernest” (Wilde, p.10).

Although Ernest had already expressed his feelings to her, Gwendolen still wants him to propose in a proper way.

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