Sample Essay


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is at times considered to be an issue which plays an important role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, is a continued fight between people of both the lands, which are the Jewish Israelis and on the other hand the Arabs of Palestine. The conflict is over the rights of being sovereign over the lands of Palestine and Israel completely or even partially. When one goes through history we find that a vast number of fights have taken place over this issue. Bloodshed has been carried out over this controversial matter that exists between both the parties, but on the other hand an umber of peace negotiations have taken place all the way through the 20th century and are still being carried out today. The main point of disagreement remains being sovereign upon the land. Both of the parties claim sovereignty based on history, ethnicity, religion, and culture.


The main obstacle in resolving this issue at hand is perhaps the mental blockage of the people involved. Both the parties are just not ready to listen to a solution, let alone accept it as they both demand sovereignty. Secondly, the people of both the parties are not educated enough to look at things rationally. They made promises which were never delivered, which only created more problems. Money is yet another issue, keeping in mind that Israel has progressed a lot, but Palestine has remained underdeveloped and this is a point that has further triggered the problem.

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