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At the same time, Japan has also been capitalizing on its private organizations to promote country’s image abroad. The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 by legislation. It is now a fully functional independent institute that works to promote international cultural exchange as well as mutual understanding and cooperation between Japan and other countries. Promoting various forms of cultural exchange is central to the organization’s primary mission including not just Japanese language education but also Asia regional studies. Center for Global Partnership was also established within the Japan Foundation and it works in three major genres. The intellectual exchange, the grass roots exchange and education.  It also specializes in self initiated projects and fellowships. Helping an array of institutions and individuals along with the innumerable nonprofit organizations, universities, policymakers, scholars and educators, the organizations look to promote a more collateral collaboration between the United States and Japan.

At the same time, Japanese language education across the globe as a major national strategy is yet another growing debate in this land. Prime minister Yasuo Fakuda, gave his first policy speech in January 2008 to the diet.  He spoke of upholding his plan to increase international students in Japan to around 300,000. Japan Foundation is currently implementing this Japanese-Language Education Network. The whole idea behind implementing this network is to ensure that some degree of Japanese language ability may always be a plus point for studying in Japan and a major pre-requisite in the process. (The Japan Times)

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