Sample Essay

The modern business man may well be the equivalent of a merchant of medieval times. Throughout the ages, the world has gone through several enormous changes, which also means changes in the qualities of a good businessman. One phenomenon among many has altered the qualities of a good businessman the most, that phenomenon is globalization. Today the world is much more accessible that in the time of Thomas Mun.
A business man no longer needs to know how to navigate across the seas as he can just as easily board a private jet and cross continents within mere hours. Thanks to the advancements in technology, overseas business can just as easily concurred with the help of the internet and video conferencing. The world today uses the English as the language of business and has standardized scales and weights for all countries, the main currencies in which trade is done are the Dollar, the Pound and the Euro, so it is sufficient that the businessman is knowledgeable in the latter quantities, although it is always better that the business man is able to speak the tongue of the country he deals with. Unlike the Merchant of Mun’s time, Businessmen now are not influenced much by the government of the country in which they are housed, this is mostly due to privatization of the trade industry and the laws of free trade. These are main differences in the Merchant of Thomas Mun’s time and the modern business man. Like the Merchant of Mun’s time, the modern businessman must be a man of outstanding literacy, he should be well versed with all sorts of business dealings, he should be a good man prioritizing the satisfaction of the customer before profit, he should have good knowledge of the country and their culture, laws, trading policies, illegal goods, and the products they provide and are interested in.

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