Sample Essay

With advancement in technology and the economic stability of many nations, production and manufacturing sector of every country has been positively affected and businesses have rapidly come into existence and new inventions have started to take place in large number. Automobile industry is among one of those industries that has taken a lot of benefits due to advancement in technology and due to that many new car/automobile manufacturers have come into existence. Naro Car Company is one of the car manufacturers that has recently entered into the automobile market with a new look and design of their vehicle.

The Naro Car Company has come up come with a concept of a free leaning vehicle which is based on the dynamics of a motorbike and offers the comfort of car to its drivers. The vehicle concept is unique till this moment as no such vehicle has yet been introduced by any automobile manufacturer. The initial concept was brought into shape by Prodrive in 2003 with its motto of addressing increasing problems of congestion, pollution and parking scarcity which is faced in most of the cities in the UK. Naro vehicle concept is based on such a nice concept which explains that the vehicle would be fit enough for the urban environment of the cities and due to Naro vehicles becoming common in the market, traffic queues can be shortened and the journey time could be reduced too (Olsen, 2006, p. 18).

The new vehicle from Naro Car Company suits to the environment as the vehicle is environment friendly and does not emit CO2 which helps the environment in reducing the CO2 level and keeping the pollution level fairly low.

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