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As mentioned earlier that training plays an essential role in an organization in terms of employee development and efficiency at work but there is always a reason why training and mentoring has become a need in the organization of today. The first and the foremost reason why training has become essential need for employees in the organizations is because of the new and advanced technology that has been developed and being applied by many organizations and in order to make the best use of that technology, organizations find it important to make such changes acceptable by the employees at work by providing them with necessary training and mentoring. With such trainings, employees do not even resist when new technology is implemented furthermore they take much more interest in training so that they can be more productive and efficient by handling new and advanced technology. Training is also necessary for employees so that they can have a firm grip and command over the new technological changes that have taken place in the organization.

The other reason why training and mentoring has become need in the organizations in current scenario is due to competition that has increased tremendously in the past couple of years among different organizations due to which training of the employees has become inevitable. In order to give tough times to the competitors, organizations have started spending heavily to train their employees and make them more efficient to perform better in the market.
In order to utilize the talent in the best way possible and to understand the customers in a better way, trainings are now being provided by various organizations to make sure that the talented human resource is not wasted but utilized in such a way that it helps the organization in one way or the other.

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