Sample Essay

As obvious, all three books have rather different themes. The first two books that are The Plague and Lost in Translation at times show certain similarities as they are related to the constant struggles that are made by all of the characters in both of the novels. As can be seen, in the first novel the characters are fighting against their fears of the evil characters as well as the plague but eventually, the struggle thrives and they win over and a whole new life starts before them.
On the other hand, in the second novel what we note is the struggle of a single family against an entire nation of people, but yet again they strive and win and take on the lives of foreigners. The difference in both the books is that in The Plague the people come back to their city and things get back to normal, while on the other hand in Lost in Translation the author goes back to her homeland Poland and feels alienated over there. The third book can not really be connected to these books, but one point is the same in all three books, which is that people can win over terrible times if they make the required effort. The difference is that in the third book the author talks much of the lack of progress ever since the Soviet power ended.

In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that there are certain similarities and dissimilarities between all of the aforementioned books.

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