Sample Essay


Books are usually compared and contrasted against. This is done so to find similarities and disparages amongst them. The books that will be compared and contrasted go by the name of The Plague by Albert Camus, Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman and Cafe’ Europa by Slavenka Drakulic. All of which have rather different themes. The first book The Plague presents to us the story of a plague that spread in the city of Oran which kills rats due to which humans fall ill and die. People start running away from the city, while certain stay inside the city to fight the plague. What is more is that the people of Oran are scared of one person who makes use of the plague and is a criminal. After a while the citizens of Oran get together to fight the plague and it passes by.

The second book under consideration is Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language by Eva Hoffman. This is a book with a totally different feel and theme. It tells us about the life of the author in Poland and then in Canada. In the beginning of the book we learn how she lived in Poland where she was well-known for her melodic talent. She knew all the rules and regulations that she had to put up with which definitely were way too many. She tells us just how hard it was for her family to live in Poland as survival for Jews in Poland was rather hard. They moved away to Canada. Now, being new students in a foreign country she and her sister needed to change their names. She could not even speak proper English, but gradually she learnt how to get along with the Canadians and finally she learns to speak proper English. She returns one day to Poland but gets to feel just how unfamiliar the country is to her at times.

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