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It focuses more on a single problem of perception which is probably more centralized; apparently reconciling truths about the experiences of the world with the possibility of certain kinds of perceptual error. The fact of openness is threatened by the existence of certain actual or possible phenomena-known as illusions or hallucinations. Therefore the perception theory is essential to identify the pivotal features of perception.

The problem is not that we get a vibe of what we are getting from the external world or any vibe which is related to that but it has always replenished the theory of awarding the perceptual warrant which is defined as the problem which arises independently. It is appropriate to say that the problems are similar to the previous and illusions get in the way of putting in efforts to solve the problems. Hence, the perception we understand is not possible.

Burge, Tyler (1991). “Vision and Intentional Content,” in E. LePore and R. Van Gulick (eds.) John Searle and his Critics, Oxford: Blackwell

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