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From my personal point of view, the article under consideration leaves the reader in a fix where one does not reach any conclusion. As the authors have put forward two theories, and have not supported either of them, one does not know what to believe and what not to believe. Perhaps the authors wished to leave it to the readers to decide, but the fact that this issue needs to be researched upon cannot be ignored. The authors put up a good argument for both the theories but do not give a result, hence the hypothesis that women act differently in the face of stressful events as compared to men remains unasserted. This leaves the reader yearning for more.
Although the arguments put forward by the authors might be true, but a number of theories can be critical. According to the rational choice theory of criminology, a person living in a society is an actor who weighs the outcomes of his actions and then takes a step, hence the crime committed by a person is his own rationale choice. In this case, if men and women commit crimes, even if they are of different intensity, they have made their own choice. In this case, stress might not even play a role in their act of violence. The rationale theory believes that such theories which exempt a person from society can have negative effects on the personality of that person, which can turn out to be true in this case. If men are posed as aggressive they might even act that way in order to put up with their imagery.
Another theory of criminology is the differential association theory, which states that one learns the motives, values, techniques and attitudes because of social interaction. It is because of interaction with others that people learn and achieve motives of being violent. In this case, as women are posed to be more reliant on social acceptance, women are exempted as the more aggressive ones, which itself proves the hypothesis of the authors as untrue (that women are more loving and reliant on relationships).

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