Sample Essay

An extensive Programme of the renovation of the Dome of the Rock was commenced by the government of Jordan in the year 1955, for which funds were provided by the government of Arab as well as Turkey. The work that was taken up was to basically replace a vast number of tiles that could be dated back to the days of Solomon the Magnificent that had become displaced due to heavy rain. Later on in the year 1960 another renovation took place in which the dome was further covered by a layer of aluminium and bronze alloy that were made in Italy. Furthermore, “In 1998, the dome covering was refurbished following a donation of $8.2 million by King Hussein of Jordan who sold one of his houses in London to fund the 80kilograms of gold required” (Dome of the Rock, 2007).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby conclude that the Dome of the Rock is located in Jerusalem and was constructed by Muslim rulers back in the year 688. it has been renovated over time by a number of governments, but up till now it remains as perhaps the only most attracting and beautiful sight that can be seen all over Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is not a Muslim mosque but a pilgrimage sight.

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