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For those who wish to comprehend one of the most significant forces determining the American life, presented here is a book that makes an effort to identify with the conservative movement, which was the most authoritative and effectual political movement of the current age. The boon under consideration, namely “The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America” is a representation of the beginning and rise of America’s conservative movement.

In the foreword to this appealing study of American conservatism, Micklethwait and Wooldridge of the Economist renounce any adherence to any of the great political tribes of America. It is this Tocquevillian superiority of knowledgeable independence that makes their book so successful at passing on how overpoweringly the right has changed the format of the American political background over the past half century. The authors mark out the narration of the conservative movement from the McCarthy period, when “conservatism was a fringe idea,” to the second Bush government and the “victory of the right.” They dismember the new “conservative establishment,” which unites the rational force of think tanks, business interest groups and compassionate media openings with the “brawn” of “footsoldiers” from the populist social conservative wing of the GOP, and fall out that long-lasting Republican supremacy is likely. Democratic optimists who inform on approving demographic trends are amplifying the liberalism of Latino and expert voters, say the authors, while other features, such as suburbanization and terrorism, will be inclined to encourage Republican values.

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