Sample Essay

The Management of the category is a concept of the sale retail in which the total range of products sold by a perfectionist is broken in different groups from similar products or related; these groups are known like categories of product.

A key reason for the Category Management introduction was the desire of the perfectionists for suppliers to add value to its (i.e.; the perfectionist) the business before that just the own supplier.  For example, in a to contain of category mark AN and B, the situation would be able to arise so much that each time mark A promoted its products, the sales of mark B would descend for the quantity that marks A would enlarge, not resulting in net profit for the perfectionist.  The Category Management introduction imposed the condition that all new actions such promotions undertaken, new products, they renew planogram, the introduction of etc. of sale Point publicity was beneficial to the perfectionist and the buyer in the store.

 A second reason was the execution that only a finite quantity of profit could be squeezed of negotiations of price and that there was more profit to be done to enlarge the total level of sales.

 A third reason was that the contribution with the supplier signified that the skill of that supplier about the market could be utilized, and also that a considerable quantity of load of work to develop the category could be delegated to the supplier.

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