Sample Essay

It is believed that the pentangle is basically “a token of truth”, which is the most significant virtue of the five points of the pentangle. But, the pentangle cannot be considered as an ordinary symbol in the poem, as the pentangle and the virtues that it represents are the symbols around which the whole poem revolves. The pentangle of Gawain holds more significance than any of the other knightly symbols that have been put forward by the author and are mostly related to nature and mythology. Also, in the poem Gawain also considers the pentangle more seriously than any other knights have considered anything and he also successfully exemplifies the traits that the pentangle represents.

Gawain measures his own life by the pentangle and he wore it because of the fact that he had characteristics which made him worthy of wearing it. Gawain is sub-ordinate by the pentangle and the author proves him worthy of wearing the pentangle by saying that, “And well may he wear it on his worthy arms, Forever faithful five-fold in five-fold fashion, Was Gawain in good works, as gold unalloyed, Devoid of all villainy, with virtues adorned in sight” (Anonymous, p.30). Here it is noteworthy that being worthy of wearing the pentangle is not all that is considerable. What is more is that Gawain has to make sure that he lives up to the characteristics and the virtues that it represents. Perhaps the attempts made by Gawain in order to make sure that he exemplifies the virtues of the pentangle are an attempt so as to prove his own worth as well.

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