Sample Essay

The main focus of the Bible  is on the story  of Noah and  Exodus the book after the Genesis is about the removal of  Hebrew people from Egypt. The Bible also says that Moses was the right man in God’s eyes and Moses is chosen to lead the Hebrew people out of oppression in Egypt. The Exodus   narrates the stories from the Egyptian, Assyrian, Canaanites and Babylonian cultures. One of the most common flood stories is the Biblical flood, the story of Noah’s Ark and in another similar flood story is the Epic of Gilgamesh, in both the stories the reason for  creating flood was to punish mankind.

Bible and its Ancient Eastern Parallels show similarity   the Bible and Koran both have flood stories  and these are known by the whole world ,The  difference in this parallels is that in Koran,  Noah asked God to flood the earth, in the Bible  God told Noah about his plan to flood the earth because of man’s corruptions and sins. In Gilgamesh the flood is seen in a dream by Utnapishtim and he is told that the world will be flooded because of man’s sins. The stories of these cultures are the Near Eastern Parallels   to the Bible , in all these the divine power destroys man, the secret is told to a hero and he  takes his family and living creatures with him and the boat rests on a mountain, a bird is sent  out. Stories of creation and the floods are stated in the cultural heritage of Ancient Near East,  there are similarities and differences in the foundation stories told in the Egyptian, Persian,  Greek, and Hebrew Cultures, the physical structure of the universe as outlined in the Genesis  parallels to the Near Eastern culture and the Bible reflects many aspects of the Mesopotamian  culture. The other area of Near East is Arabia which has a great influence on the Bible, the     legend of the Garden of Eden depicts the desert oasis with rivers flowing out of nowhere and emptying in the desert sands. In the Bible the prophets often refer to the nomadic life of their people.

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