Sample Essay

By means of this book, not only does the author portray to us his sentiment, but he also informs us of what the Americans were going through back then, which makes the entire novel quite an American novel. Going about the stock market collapse of 1929, the West once more gave the impression of the new front line and a lot of Americans decide to settle there, pursuing a vision of new prospects. West on his own can be taken as a spitting image of his central character Tod Hackett.

The narrative is set all through 1922 in Long Island and New York City. At the time that this novel was being written the author was in Hollywood functioning as a scriptwriter, somewhat like Tod Hackett who has freshly approached Hollywood and at present functions as a dress designer. The enjoyment of the twenties is incarcerated in the overgenerous festivity the Jay Gatsby throws. On the lookout for an innovative delusion numerous set up themselves in Hollywood in it premature stages on tenterhooks to attain gold as their ancestors had previously done in California some time back. This yet again holds true for some of the Americans. We try to make use of what has been left behind by our ancestors instead of making our own efforts.

Scores of Americans were underneath the disenchantment of the Roaring Twenties and enthralled by the thought of in reality being able to live the American dream, just to be comedown so tough in 1929 at the stature of the financial boom.

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