Sample Essay

A well build EIA logically integrates information including the corporate level and organization wide elements, all strategic goals, objectives and strategies, the business rules and measures, information requirements, application systems required, the connection between applications and data, technology infrastructure etc. The EAI also helps to develop guidelines, standards, and operational services that make up the successful EIA environment. The EAI is also used to accomplish certain goals and they are as follows:

  • It facilitates change management by creating a link between strategic aspects and the system.
  • Making the derivation of strategic information from operational services consistent, accurate and possible.
  • Encouraging sharing of data since that reduces maintenance and redundancy costs.
  • Management, reuse and component development helps improve productivity.
  • Helps to reduce the cycle time for software development.

EAI requires an enterprise wide solution and integration of information. Although EAI is a source of change within the organization but actually its basis is managing information and knowledge within an organization. A semantic infrastructure is required to form the basis for successful implementation of EAI. This infrastructure includes all the kinds of information or content within an organization and also the ways to organize and structure them. Information could be structured or unstructured documents, tacit knowledge, images, animation etc. This infrastructure also proposes the policies for creation and dissemination of the content and also the technologies that support the creation of content and dissemination via search and portals.

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