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As far as governance systems are concerned, The   Unitary  system  of  England  is considered  to be more concrete as compared to America, where ,  where Local State and federal councils are working under varying laws and regulations which are often conflicting to each other ,and hence the American system is considered to be less effective than the English system(Hirschel, 2007)

Further, one observes , that ,not only do laws differ ,as we move from West to East but they undergo tremendous changes as we move from one country to the other within the same region .For example,  violence against women , is dealt differently in India ,then it is Pakistan or Sri Lanka .

Although the three countries derive their systems from the same British Colonial system yet one would find contrasting differences in Laws and Regulations of similar crimes like Violence against women. According to studies, certain similarities are found in legal systems of India and Sri Lanka yet the Religious and customary laws have a significant impact on Criminal Justice Systems of the two countries .Whereas in Pakistan, though the legal system originates from British Colonial system, yet the Islamic Ideology is an imperative to the legal system of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. All proceedings of Criminal Court and Family courts are strictly dominated by Islamic Laws. Other than Pakistan , Maldives and Bangladesh , with strong Islamic legal base have approved International treaties like Convention On The Rights of The Child  (CDR) and United Nations Convention on Elimination on All Forms Of  Discrimination Against Women   (CEDAW) , which are formulated by United Nations Organization  for human rights protection in South Asia , but on conditions , that these treaties will respect and consider Islamic rules and Regulations when dealing with their(Islamic Countries) countries as per the treaties mentioned above (Goonesekere, 2004).Clearly religious and ethnic factors play a significant role in shaping the Criminal Justice System of different countries.

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