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This perception shall have to be agreed with because the auto industry in the United States is massive. It is not simply a part of the economy but can be very well referred to as one of the central spokes of the economic wheel of the country. Considering the current suffering through which the auto industry is going, it comes as justified to perceive the auto industry as one that merits a change. However, to say that the auto industry merits simply a change would be to seriously underestimate the degree of change that the auto industry requires at this point. The fact of the matter is that the auto industry is in the need of a revolutionary change. A revolutionary change is one that the auto industry cannot do without at this point.

It needs to redefine its modus operandi and new policies need to be established in order to ensure that it does not fall into a similar complication in the future. The current crisis has served to cripple the United States auto industry and massive layoffs had to be carried out as a result. Several plants had to be shut down and countless investors lost their investments. While the government was able to assist parts of the auto industry through programs such as bail outs and the like, it became imperative to realize that the consequences would be far more than simply disastrous if these events were to ever occur again.

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