Sample Essay

The Unreflective Thinker: such a thinker does not have the ability to assess his own thinking, he is not aware of the problems of thinking that are creating problems in his own life as critical thinking requires high quality of thinking which is gained through regular practice of thinking, as such a thinker lacks of high thinking, they need proper monitoring to develop their thinking skills, such thinkers are unreflective as they are not aware of their thinking skills it is not easy for a teacher to be aware of all students state of mind, even teachers cannot know how unaware a student is of his skills; Stage (2),

The Challenged Thinker:  on the second level thinkers are aware of how thinking is playing an ultimate role in their life and causing problems, the basic problems arise out of poor thinking qualities, these thinkers unlike the unreflective thinkers are aware of their defective thinking though they are not aware of the main defect the lack of skilled thinking, these challenged thinkers develop the starting concepts  of they know the standards but they have limited skills of thinking, they may have many other skills they are not aware of and not exploiting these skills may pose as a block to their thinking skills, fully unaware of this situation they may believe they are better then other thinkers, it is difficult for such a person to accept that the problem lies in ones on defective thinking , the teacher must make such thinkers to exercise their minds through daily in class practice of loud collective thinking.

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