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“As he has done in previous books Friedman has expressed a powerful larger mood, and in this respect THE WORLD IS FLAT may prove a prescient guide to future American foreign policy….There are many books announcing a global economic transformation and suggesting that governments can be reengineered to adapt to it in much the same way as corporations. THE WORLD IS FLAT is an outstanding example of this genre.”

–New York Review of Books

The World is Flat is an excellent new book, written by Thomas Friedman, who is an award-winning New York Times columnist. In this new book of his, Thomas Friedman unfolds a valiant new world for readers, and gives them a chance to make good judgment of the repeatedly puzzling global scene that takes place and unfolds itself in front of their eyes. With his incomparable capability to decipher intricate foreign policy and economic issues, the author goes onto explain how the annihilation of the world took place at the dawn of the twenty-first century; its outcome for the countries, companies, communities, as well as individuals; and just how necessary it is for the governments as well as for societies to adapt it. The World Is Flat is the well-timed and crucial revision on globalization, its accomplishments and failures, mightily clarified by perhaps one of the most appreciated journalists” (The World is Flat, p.1).

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