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Numerous themes can be found in the dogs ofPompeii. For example it has the theme of big businesses and the disparaging effect short-term profit can have on the…

environment and everyday human values. It has the theme of how cultures clash and this is shown by the culture clash between the American and the European, Caroline and Gianni who do not always agree upon things and rarely see eye to eye. First of all there is suspicion and mistrust between them but as they continue to work together they begin finding common ground and mutual respect for each other. Moving on, certain quotes found in the novel portray the theme of the value of exploring and digging out history. For example, Gibbon says ‘There’s no better way of judging the future than by the past.’ (Edwards and Creyton, p.15) and Santayana ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ (Edwards and Creyton, p.20) To which it’s appropriate to add Cicero: ‘To know nothing of what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.’ (Edwards and Creyton, p.24). Moreover, there is the ever present theme of the value of loyalty that exists between humans as well as between dogs and humans. The theme of the importance of knowing how to speak another language is portrayed by a quote in the novel which goes, ‘To know another language is to possess another soul’ (Edwards and Creyton, p.7), which in turn means that it is necessary to understand other cultures as well as other point of views except our very own. Phrases of Italian are present in the book and the authors have put in a glossary and pronunciation guide in which these are explained.

In the other story, the theme of being able to learn how to live alone is most prominent as well as the adaptation of other environments. This is because of the loneliness and desolation that is faced by the cat.

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