The last motivation tool that shall be proposed in this paper is the theory of expectancy. This theory states that an employees expectancy is the when people are motivated to behave in ways that produce valued outcomes. Expectancy Belief that effort leads to a specific level of performance.

This is based on Vroom’s expectancy theory, where he states motivation boils down to the decision of how much effort to exert in a specific task situation. The following factors influence an employee’s expectancy perceptions self-esteem, self-efficacy, previous success at the task, help received from others, information necessary to complete the task and good materials and equipment to work with Sharon and Barbara (2008). His theory uses instrumentality which is performance based and deals with the looking at the outcome perception of an employee. The theory also usesValence which is the value of a reward or outcome and finally outcomes which refer to different consequences that are contingent on performance. The management motivation strategy should be goal oriented and should meet targets.

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