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The theory of the phases of change was presented by John Kotter in the year 1990. This theory stresses on the fact that creating value in products and services often requires change at a significant rate. He also gives the reasons why change management in organizations does no succeed. His reasons were listed below:

  • Failing in building the coalition
  • Declaring the victory of the organization too soon.
  • Not planning appropriately for the short term.
  • The changes of the entire corporate culture are not incorporated properly.
  • Roadblocks are presented against the vision.
  • The mission and vision are not aligned with the change.

These are the obstacles that a manger or a change agent would experience in an organization when implementing a change. However, in order to overcome the change this model is considered to be a viable approach and there are eight steps in a change phase model (Kotter 1996). These eight steps are discussed below:

  • Establishing a certain sense of urgency
  • Developing a clearer mission
  • Share the vision
  • Anchor the change
  • Consolidate the change the keep moving
  • Empowering people in removing obstacles
  • Securing short term wins
  • Create a coalition

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