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Postpartum depression is something that not only affects the woman but has considerable effects on the entire family especially on the child who is completely dependent on the mother. Theories of psychology state that women who have previously suffered from depression previously are at high risk of going through postpartum depression. Another theory related to postpartum depression has been put forward by Bronfenbrenner and it is known as the ecology theory, according to which women who undergo postpartum depression should be assessed within the environment of the systems in which they function. He believes that the surroundings of a person have much of an impact on his or her personality. For that reason, so as to use Bronfenbrenner’s ecology theory, the connection that a woman has with her family, friends, place of work, neighborhood, should be examined to cure postpartum depression and also to diagnose it.
According to sources, “Some have also linked postpartum depression to low thyroid levels. A simple blood test can determine if this is the cause of your depression. Thyroid medication can be used to easily treat your depression. It is also believed that the changes a new baby makes in your life can also contribute to the depression. Lack of sleep, emotional stress, feeling overwhelmed, suffering from a loss of identity, and feeling as though you have lost control and freedom can all negatively impact on your mood. Women who do not have a strong social and emotional support group are also more vulnerable to postpartum depression” (Postpartum Depression, 2007).

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