Sample Essay

Threats are totally in form of competitors for Listerine. From the past decade competitors have started coming into the market making it hard to Listerine to survive. Such competitors have been coming up with variety of new and unique flavored oral care products for different customer segments which has literally affected the Listerine market and eventually grabbed the market share from Listerine. Competitor’s actions have been the biggest threat for Listerine and have to respond appropriately to avoid further loss by the hands of the competitors (Bratton, 2008, p.179).

Therefore, from SWOT analysis point of view, Listerine has a strong need of strengthening its strengths more and more so that it gains strong command on such strengths. It surely needs to work on its weaknesses by working more on its research and marketing activities to ensure better performance and high results. All the opportunities that would result in enhancing the business performance must be availed and threats like of competitors must be well handled and counter attack must be made on competitors so that threats are least likely to affect the Listerine’s Business and its market share (Kotler, 2008, p. 120).

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