Sample Essay

This poem claims that people who do hard work diligently and enthusiastically are rewarded the most and satisfied the most. She has claimed this by stating again and again that she likes people who do hard work, which can be interpreted as hard work being appreciated by every one.
The claim in this poem can be proven by looking at the entire prose of the poem. The writer has written in the first three stanzas that she likes people who do rough, thankless manual labor diligently and enthusiastically because they know that it is necessary for the good of all. The manual labour can be interpreted as hard work that tests ones endurance to the limits. It may be a menial task that may not ensure any ones vocal approval but is necessary and in one way or another, appreciated by all. The poet explains this fact by referring to simple pots used to carry corn and crops being displayed in museums.
This poem’s claim could be considered universal. It should be realized that hard work is the secret to man success. And hard work only pays off when done with diligence and respect. The doctor can not tend to a patient if he does not take interest in his duty. The farmer can not tend to his crops if he is not willing to undergo the rigorous labor throughout the year. Since the poem is based mainly on basic jobs like fishing and farming, the poet could be referring to the importance of basic or menial tasks, since they, like fishing and farming, supply all the demands of the populace. My grand father owned a small piece of land. During the years of high inflation he started to spend his days cultivating a few vegetables and fruit. This soon became a family past time. From morning to late night, my grand father, grandmother, mother and her siblings tended to the large garden and soon had a surplus of crops in their hand. Some which they used, other they sold to their neighbors for dirt cheap prices. Their hard work, done diligently and enthusiastically gave them great satisfaction and appreciation from all those around them.

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