Sample Essay

Top management commitment is rated as the most important critical success factors in the existing Critical success factors literature. It holds an equal importance in SMEs due to the high weightage given to the complex project in small organisations.  However, the appointment of the project champion is even more important which was evident by the lack of identification of a project leader in some of the cases. SMEs could give the ownership to an experienced project manager or some senior members of the firm, but the factors discussed in the literature i.e in-hand technical/professional experience and leadership qualities should be considered while appointing the champion.

Realistic and smart investment

Setting up realistic budgets for an ERP project can be a very pain-staking task, given the difficulty in estimating the various constraints which can affect the ERP implementation process. However, for the SMEs , vendor fee,  consultancy fee and the hardware investment (especially, if the company is investing first time in IT) are very important considerations. Therefore, careful investment and risk management is important, as Muscatello et al. (2003) states that it would be very difficult for SME to survive or overcome a failed implementation when compared to larger enterprises.

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