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TQM is managing the entire organization in such a way that it excels in all dimensions. Taguchi’s View of Variation explains better the quality management within a company and also that its essential especially for Pearlsince TQM will help them achieve zero defects in their logistics and the warehousing services they provide and that will further help them achieve operational excellence. Although the company already has advanced logistics and quality management since it is evident in their efficient systems and successful integration in different cities and establish nationwide logistics and warehouse services. Traditional view is that quality within the LS and US is good and that the cost of quality outside this range is constant, where Taguchi views costs as increasing as variability increases, so seek to achieve zero defects and that will truly minimize quality costs. Zero defects is a very opular theory but its important that organizations implement it in manufacturing and companies like Pearl that deal in warehousing services and logistics need it to since any error or defect in storing the customers product can cause discrepancies and problems or losses for the customer’s business.[1]

Quality management is essential because if the operations falter and fail to perform as expected then it is obvious that Pearlmight loose its customers and also its goodwill that has generated with time. The efforts the company has been making continuously to grow and expand through acquisitions and partnerships can all go to waste if there is any failure of performance in the operations and logistics of the warehouse such as delivering on the wrong time or in the wrong packing etc. These failures can cause problems for Pearlbut it is evident that they have taken care of all these matters and due to this they have been performing exceptionally well in all the areas. They have also considered all costs of quality so that quality remains exceptional and these costs are as follows:[2]

  • Appraisal Cost.

– Inspection, Testing, Audit, etc.

[1] McGahan, A. “How Industries Evolve – Principles for Achieving and SustainingSuperior Performance”.HarvardBusinessSchool Press,Boston, 2004

 [2] Slack, N. and M. Lewis, Operations Strategy. Harlow, England and New York: Prentice Hall, 2002.

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